Registration & SSHM Bursaries. Food as Medicine: Historical Perspectives

9-10 October 2015, Dublin.


9 October 2015: The Edward Worth Library, Dr. Steevens’ Hospital, Dublin 8.

10 October 2015: Dublin City Library & Archive, Pearse Street, Dublin



This conference provides a forum for historians to contribute to the debate around food, diet and health and to discuss how these ideas have been expressed in the past and how they have changed.  Our views on food and health have been affected by changes in society, economy, culture, medicine and science.  The conference sessions explore these changes from ancient, medieval and early modern regimens to the health benefits of specific foods to diets for specific diseases. The variety of papers will interest historians of medicine from a range of time periods. The keynote lecture, provided by Professor Steven Shapin (Franklin L. Ford Research Professor of the History of Science, Harvard) will take in a broad sweep of history: ‘The Medical Making of Modernity: Knowing about Our Food, Our Bodies, and Ourselves over the past 2,000 years.’ Details about the conference sessions and information on registration (free) is provided on the conference website ( Travel assistance is available to early career and postgraduate members of SSHM from the society.

The conference organisers:

Dr Juliana Adelman (St Patrick’s College, Dublin City University); Dr Elizabethanne Boran (The Edward Worth Library, Dublin); Dr Máire Kennedy (The Gilbert Library, Dublin); Prof. Andrzej Kuropatnicki (Pedagogical University, Krakow).

Abstract submission:

Queries may be sent to

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