Knowledge in Context: Colloquium in Honour of Laurence Brockliss and Colin Jones

In 1997, Laurence Brockliss (Magdalen College, Oxford) and Colin Jones (QMUL) published The Medical World of Early Modern France, a landmark in the history of medicine because of its integration of social and institutional history with intellectual history.  It established a vibrant new approach to the history of medicine and knowledge of the early modern period while also encouraging Anglo-French intellectual exchange.

This colloquium has been organized by colleagues and former colleagues to mark the twentieth anniversary of this work’s publication and the year of Laurence Brockliss’s retirement.  Examining the ways in which knowledge is contextualized in early modern Europe and Britain, speakers from a range of historical disciplines (classical scholarship, antiquarianism, philosophy, natural sciences) and from a variety of national perspectives will demonstrate the range of Brockliss and Jones’s impact in integrating intellectual history with other sub disciplines of history.

Speakers include: Gregory Brown (UNLV), Simon Burrows (Western Sydney University), Jean-Luc Chappey (Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne), Karl Theodore Hoppen (Hull), Cathy McClive (Florida State University), Christelle Rabier (EHESS), and John Robertson (Cambridge)

Registration now open: Standard £40.00; Reduced £20.00

Knowledge in Context Colloquium – Book here

Organizers: Floris Verhaart, Queen’s University Belfast; François Zanetti, Paris Ouest Nanterre; Erica Charters, University of Oxford

We are grateful for funding from The Society for the Social History of Medicine; the History Faculty, University of Oxford; Florida State University; Queen’s University Belfast; and Magdalen College, Oxford.

Travel bursaries may be available for student and early-career attendees: see

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