CFP. Liquid Modernity: Space, Place & Contemporary Drinking Cultures

Centre for the Study of Journalism, Culture and Community, Bournemouth University.

Thursday 11th-Friday 12th April 2019.


Call for Papers

This two-day event seeks to draw together researchers interested in exploring the intersection of drink, space and place within contemporary culture, media, society and history. Proposals for 20-minute papers are invited on any aspect of the theme from c.1970 to the present. The following is a list of indicative topics, but is by no means prescriptive or exhaustive:


– Drink and nation, globalisation, Brexit

– Changing character of space and place within Daytime/night-time economies

– Coastal spaces as sites of abstinence/excess

– Drink and marginalised communities

– Pubs, bars and changing spaces of leisure (inc. gentrification, urban redevelopment, growth of microbreweries/micropubs, the ‘local’)

– Regionalism, drinking ‘scenes’/localised drinking cultures, brew-tours

– Nature, rurality, and the idea of naturalness, health or wellbeing in relation to drinking

– Drinking in transient spaces, heterotopias or as part of travel

– Place in relation to production (e.g. terroir) and/or consumption

– Public vs private drinking

– Policing space and alcohol consumption

– Digital space and drinking (social media e.g. Untappd, Twitter, Facebook)


Abstracts of no more than 250 words should be submitted to David Alder, Sam Goodman, and Iain MacRury at by 9th January 2019.

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