Career Development Services

Career Development (Gender Equality) Service for SSHM Scholars: Professor Trish Skinner offers one-to-one career development coaching with an explicit focus on gender equality within the academy. She is willing to work with you to explore how you can empower yourself to develop projects, overcome perceived and actual career obstacles, and become more confident and assertive in shaping your own future. She can be contacted by email at, to then set up Skype or Facetime conversations as required.

Free Career Development Service for SSHM Early Career Scholars: Reliving his previous career as a careers advisor, Dr Matthew Smith will talk to early career researchers via skype or telephone about how to progress their career in academia, focussing on publishing, funding, teaching and work-life balance.  He is happy to book four 30 minute appointments per month on a first come, first served basis.  Please get in touch with him at

Free Coaching Service for SSHM Early Career Scholars: The SSHM’s Policy Development Officer, Dr Richard McKay, is also a certified academic, career, and life coach, with an Associate Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation. As part of the Society’s commitment to supporting early career scholars, Dr McKay will offer a limited number of free and confidential coaching sessions to early career scholars who are members of the Society. It is envisaged that the coaching sessions—one-on-one Skype calls lasting 30 minutes—will take place in three four-month-long cycles during the year (February to May, June to September, October to January) with up to four participants admitted per cycle. In practice, this will allow each participant to experience four individually tailored sessions, spaced roughly one month apart, which would be focused on helping them to identify and follow through on career development, stress reduction, and life enhancement strategies. To register their interest, eligible members should email Richard McKay at Individuals will be allocated space on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information about the coaching process, visit

Social Media and Digital History for SSHM Scholars: Dr Lisa Smith (University of Essex) is happy to talk to people about social media (especially twitter and blogging) and setting up digital history projects.  Please get in touch with her at

“Getting Published” for SSHM Early Career Scholars: Professor Keir Waddington will talk to early career researchers via email or telephone about how to turn your PhD into a book, how to write a book proposal, and how to get your monograph published.  Please get in touch with him at

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