Conference Bursaries

Applicants are reminded that preference is given to applicants who are presenting and who do not have access to other funds.  Please see full details of eligibility and the application process below.

The Society offers bursaries for bona fide students to assist them in meeting the financial costs of attending the Society’s own and relevant other conferences, up to a maximum of one per student per calendar year. Early career researchers without access to institutional funds may also enquire about the availability of bursaries. Bursaries are awarded at the discretion of the treasurer, and the budget for bursaries is limited, so please enquire early.

Number and Value of Conference Bursaries

  1. A maximum of five bursaries is offered for each conference, with the exception of Wellcome/SSHM Network Grants (for more information see the Wellcome Funding for SSHM page), where a maximum of eight will be offered (please include the full cost for further participants in the budget within your Network application if there are more than eight PhD/ECR scholars involved in your proposed network).
  2. The maximum value of the bursary is £240 for conferences taking place in the recipient’s country of residence, £360 for conferences involving international travel within one continent (e.g. Europe and Ireland), £500 for overseas travel.


  1. Students must be registered for a higher degree in an appropriate subject at a university or institute of higher education. Early career researchers must have no access to institutional funds.
  2. At the time of attendance at the Conference, bursary recipients must be members of the Society.
  3. Preference is given to:
    • presenters at conferences sponsored by the Society,
    • long-time members of the society over new members,
    • student members who have not been awarded a bursary before.

4. Bursary recipients may be asked to write a conference report for the SSHM Gazette.

Eligibility of Conferences

  1. Bursaries are awarded for attendance at conferences that are wholly or partly run by the Society, or where there is a strong history of medicine element at the discretion of the treasurer.

2. Bursaries are available for attendance at such conferences both at home and overseas. The amount of funding is at the discretion of the Treasurer.

Arrangements for Obtaining a Bursary

1. Requests for bursaries should be submitted prior to the conference to the Executive Secretary. Please enquire early.

2. Applicants should send or e-mail the Executive Secretary the conference bursary application, available below.

3. Student applicants should ask their supervisor to contact the Executive Secretary confirming their student status and that the applicant would benefit from attending the particular conference.

4. Confirmation of the award of a Bursary will be made once this process has been completed. Cheques or bank transfers will be initiated once confirmation of attendance has been obtained or the conference report received.

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