Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Research and Teaching in Historical Demography Workshop

Hosted by the Department of Economic History, LSE

Organising Committee: Eilidh Garrett (Edinburgh), Nicola Shelton (UCL) and Wendy Sigle (LSE), Neil Cummins (LSE), and Eric Schneider (LSE) 

Date: 17 and 18 April 2023, LSE and online

Self-Portrait with Susanna Krimmel and her Children by John Lewis Krimmel, oil on canvas, 14 x 12 inches, Winterthur Museum

Researchers and students studying historical demography come from a wide range of disciplines including anthropology, demography, economic history, economics, epidemiology, family history, geography, medical history, population data science, and social history. This variety of disciplines makes the field vibrant, but it also means that students learn about key historical demographic phenomena mostly from a particular disciplinary background. 

To promote greater understanding and collaboration across disciplines, we are organising a two-day workshop on Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Research and Teaching in Historical Demography, supported by the Economic History Society, British Society for Population Studies, LSE Economic History Department and LSE Eden Centre, to be held at LSE on 17 and 18 April 2023. While the speakers at the workshop will be present in London, we will also welcome online engagement via Zoom, and the room has good hybrid capabilities. The sessions will be recorded and shared afterwards. 

The workshop will consist of a blend of research and teaching-focussed sessions throughout both days. In the research sessions, leading historical demographers from different disciplinary backgrounds will present their ongoing work to highlight the diversity of approaches to historical demography research. The teaching sessions will take a panel format with the purpose of 1) identifying the differences in the way each discipline approaches the teaching of and research in historical demography and 2) beginning to build a consensus on key concepts, methods and approaches that students of historical demography should be taught regardless of their discipline. 

Please register to attend the workshop using the following link: In-person attendance is limited because of space constraints. Please register for in-person attendance by 27 March 2023.

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